Holidays 2019: Pack this one everyday item to sleep better and beat jet lag after a flight

Holiday packing often requires a huge amount of thought, shopping and planning – and that’s before a single item is rolled up and placed in a suitcase. It can be of great comfort to some travellers to have familiar items and belongings around them when they travel. This is all the more important for those who suffer from jet lag or trouble sleeping when in a different bed to their own. has previously revealed the one drink Britons should have to ease jet lag – an extreme form of tiredness – should it strike.

Sleep experts have now exclusively told there is one everyday item Britons must pack in order to get a good night’s kip – and ensure the best holiday experience.

Lisa Artis, Chief Advisor at The Sleep Council, said: “Unfamiliar environments can often disrupt your sleep in many ways when you’re away from home.

“The best hotel rooms for sleep are cool, quiet and dark and feature a comfortable bed.

“You can’t take your bed with you but if it’s possible, take your pillow.

“Not only is it familiar but it may provide the right comfort and support, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

“Some hotels may offer a choice of pillows so take advantage of this if taking your own is not an option.”

Packing-wise, pillows should be easy enough to squish into hand luggage bags, providing they fit with specific airline requirements.

Fir further sound sleeping on holiday, Lisa added: “Try to stick to your regular bedtime (routine is key for getting a good night’s sleep), avoid eating a late evening meal or drinking too much, and try to make time to wind down before bed whether that’s a warm bath with complimentary toiletries, reading or listening to music.”

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London hotel The Nadler Covent Garden has taken Lisa’s tips on board and created a Sleeptember package, running from September 1-30, which includes sleep products and podcasts.

Late checkouts and plush pocket-sprung mattresses are also included in the offer, to spark sound snoozes in the UK capital.

Meanwhile, has told how to beat jet lag specifically in its tracks.

Nutritionist Anita Bean spoke exclusively to about a top tip Britons can use – with the solution both tasty, and healthy.

She said cherry juice could prove the key to combatting excessive tiredness after touching down.

Anita said: “Jet lag occurs when your internal body clock becomes disrupted due to crossing time zones.

“The main symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, appetite changes and concentration and memory problems.

“Eat cherries or drink cherry juice.

“Cherries are one of the only natural sources of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate our sleep patterns.”


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