To kick off the new year and decade, online holiday provider Travel Republic has revealed the holiday hotspot destinations set to be on the rise in 2020 and the most popular places to visit for UK holidaymakers.

Known for its crystal blue waters, palm trees, white-sand beaches, and overwater villas, the Maldives takes the top travel spot as holidaymakers opt for exotic destinations that provide the most Insta-friendly surroundings.

With a staggering surge of 1650 percent in bookings, it’s clear that Britons are on the hunt for the ultimate picture-perfect holiday.

Not only does the Maldives have the largest surge in holiday bookings overall, but more and more families are taking the plunge of the long-haul flight with the kids, seeing a 3200 percent increase in bookings compared to 2019, followed by the Dominican Republic with 100 percent increase year on year, also known for its astounding nature and white beach resorts.

Romantic getaways are experiencing a tropical streak, with holiday bookings for couples seeing an uplift amongst the Caribbean islands such as Jamaica (55 percent) and Saint Lucia (150 percent), with Saint Kitts and Nevis and Trinidad and Tobago seeing a significant year on year increase of 400 percent and 800 percent respectively.

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Idyllic destinations in Asia have also seen more love birds flocking their way, with increased couple bookings to Indonesia (29 percent) and India (35 percent).

Despite a desire to visit far off lands, traditional bucket and spade holidays continue to be in demand as overall, Spain continues to be the most popular destination for UK holidaymakers with the highest volume of bookings in 2020.

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Costa Dorada is also attracting more visitors year on year with a 15 percent increase in bookings in 2020, thanks to its historical sights, sandy beaches, buzzing nightlife and low-cost accommodation.

Although not in the top ten, Japan, the host country of the 2020 Summer Olympics, sees a 23 percent increase in bookings for 2020 vs 2019, suggesting that the event has sparked intrigue and put the country on holidaymakers’ radars.

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Interestingly, the majority of countries in the top ten destinations and with the largest booking increases, all boast beautiful beaches and tranquil lifestyle, suggesting after a difficult year, Britons are in need of a holiday and are looking for escapism.

Christian Poole, Marketing Director at Travel Republic said: “Where people are choosing to holiday is constantly changing, which can be influenced by a variety of things.

Whether it’s where the latest celebrities have been, who is hosting the next big sporting event or it’s the need to escape everyday life, Travel Republic is making it possible for UK holidaymakers to get to these trending destinations.



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