Holby City spoilers: Dom Copeland to issue Ange a tricky ultimatum after MAJOR confession?

Dominic (played by David Ames) had never questioned his paternity before this evening’s instalment of Holby City, believing his parents Carole Copeland (Julia Deakin) and Barry Copeland (Nicholas Ball) were his birth-right mother and father.

However, last week, viewers of the BBC medial drama discovered Carole and Barry weren’t Dom’s parents, but in fact, consultant Ange Godard (Dawn Steele) had given him up when she was a teenager, haven fallen pregnant at 14-years-old.

Having met Ange at Dom’s birthday party last week, Carole was fraught with worry at the beginning of tonight’s episode as she knew it was only a matter of time her adopted son learnt the truth about his paternity with him and Ange working in such close proximity.

Although she tried to tell Dom she needed to speak to him away from the hospital, the surgical registrar was persistent he needed to be in work, leading Carole to blurt out Dom was adopted, leaving the medical staff member rocked to the core.

However, what Carole failed to divulge was who Dom’s birth mother was and how he had been working with her for months now, allowing Dom to tell Ange he had just learnt he was adopted without realising his connection to her.

After being comforted by Ange over his life-chaining news, Dom went to speak with Carole once more but he became more enraged as the reality of the situation hit home, angry the truth had been kept from him for so long.

Little did Dom know, his world would soon begin to crumble again when he scrubbed in to help Ange with an operation, although the consultant clearly had reservations about working with her biological son.

As discussion of Dom’s news arose during the midst of the operation, the surgical registrar began to think over his discussion with Ange earlier in the day when she accidentally let slip she knew Dom’s father’s name.

Questioning Ange about her comment, the consultant seemed reluctant to give Dom an answer, leading him to say: “Mum told me this morning it’s something I have to hear from her. She said it, implied like I could hear it from someone else.

“Did she tell you before she told me?” Dom asked, before putting the pieces together as he thought back to walking in on Ange speaking with Carole in the staff room where his party was, with the women clearly in the midst of a conversation at the time.

With Ange not responding verbally, only giving the occasional nervous glance, Dom suddenly clicked after becoming more fraught about the situation he was looking into the eyes of his brith mother, almost endangering a patient’s life in the process.

Towards the end of the episode, Dom said he wanted nothing to do with the women before heading to the pub and drowning his sorrows after learning the truth about his paternity.

However, although Dom was grief-stricken by the news, Ange was adamant she was going to be sticking around to resolve the situation which had enfolded, telling her daughter Chloe Godard (Amy Lennox) they were going to be sticking around after she told her they should leave Holby.

As the dust settles, with the reality of the situation dawning on Dom, his anger could lead him to tell Ange either she leaves Holby or he will, putting any chance of them forging a relationship in jeopardy.

With Ange telling Chloe they aren’t going anywhere and fans of the show believing the consultant would leave after last week’s bombshell, Dom’s birth mother could insist she isn’t going anywhere.

However, with Ange going nowhere anytime soon, Dom could decide he can’t live with her betrayal and hand in his resignation, beginning a new life away from Holby.

Will Ange be left in turmoil if Dom does make the hasty decision to leave, or will she decide to pack her bags seeing the damage the truth has done to her son?

With Ange and Dom in the midst of the fallout over the adoption news, Chloe had a tough decision of her own tonight as she treated her on-off boyfriend Evan Crowhurst’s (Jack Ryder) sister, Phoebe Crowhusrt (Daisy Wood-Davis).

As well as being concerned for his sister’s well-being, Evan was desperately trying to convince Chloe they should give their romance another shot.

Will Chloe fall for Evan’s charms again, or will she decide to call time on their relationship for good as she channels her efforts into her work?

Holby City continues Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One.


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