‘His Dark Materials’ promo clip gives fans first glimpse of witch queen Serafina Pekkala

The new teaser for Episode 5 in the current His Dark Materials series gives fans a first glimpse of witch queen Serafina Pekkala – watch it below.

The HBO adaption of Philip Pullman’s series of novels began airing last month, and the fifth episode is set to hit screens next Monday (December 2).

The episode, entitled The Lost Boy, sees the gypsies asking for the witches’ help in their quest, while the witch queen gets her long-awaited introduction.

An official synopsis for the episode reads: “The alethiometer sends Lyra and Iorek on a new path, leading to a shocking but vital clue.” Watch the teaser trailer below.

In an NME review of the recent fourth episode of His Dark Materials, Alex Flood says that “[an] unexplained plot and patchy CGI make for the weakest episode so far.”

“His Dark Materials has set itself lofty standards since it debuted last month. 2007’s The Golden Compass was a toothless adaptation of Pullman’s rich and complex fantasy series, so fans were rightly worried about another adaptation – but they’ve been pleasantly surprised so far.

“His Dark Materials is indeed a magnificent retelling of a modern classic, but episode four is its weakest outing so far.”

Golden Compass star Dakota Blue Richards has recently revealed why it was “strange” watching His Dark Materials.

“It’s kind of strange to watch it, I watched it alone because I thought this is something I want to do by myself and not have other peoples’ opinions about it,” she said.


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