Here's what we wore to T in the Park in '94

The 90s were a time when we enjoyed making fashion faux pas without fear of being ridiculed on social media.

We could wear our skirts over trousers, our butterfly clips and our wide legged boot cut jeans in peace.

And while some trends of the 90s have stood the test of time, making a glorious comeback in recent years, we have to rejoice in our choices in festival fashion.

T in the Park began in July 1994, 25 years ago, and our fashion choice then would be deemed questionable in today’s hip, cool society.

And while most fans turned up at Strathclyde park in July 30 ’94 to enjoy the good music, we take a look back at the fashion choices.


Here’s what we wore to T ’94:

T in the Park at Strathclyde Park

Pedal pushers

How comfy were these? Perfect for summer and obviously festivals, they were the 3/4-length jeggings of their day, sometimes with the added bonus of that little split on each side.

Pedal pushers were originally popular in the 50s so if they can make one comeback, why not a second?

Butterfly clips and scrunchies

Kirby grips are boring. Plain black bobbles are boring. In the 90s, we really knew how to accessorise, right down to what we put in our hair. And if they were glittery, holographic or had sequins, even better.

Tube tops and butterfly tops

These were all the rage for pop stars but when we got our hands on them and tried them out for ourselves, it would not go well at all. But we weren’t willing to let a little nip slip get in the way of us and our favourite nightclubs so we wore them anyway, telling ourselves we looked the part.

Bucket Hats

T in the Park at Strathclyde Park


A 90s fashion favourite. No festival is complete without one of these, which were made famous by the Gallagher brothers onstage as Oasis.

Still a popular sight at festivals across the country now.

Double denim

And a lot of it.  It turns out the first T in the Park was a double denim haven, for both guys and girls.

Halter neck tops

Fan in a halter neck top


These were a big thing in the 90s, and if it was denim (see comment above) it was even better. Motherwell was awash with girls in denim halter neck tops in the summer of ’94.

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