Here's a look at some of the best Black Friday broadband deals

Prices start at £21 per month.

Long gone are the days of excitedly rushing home with a new game in hand and sitting down to play right away. Installs and updates await now, further drawing out the time between actually being able to play the game you just bought. And while going digital helps avoid some of this, you still need a beefy internet connection to download games at any reasonable rate. That’s where our look at some of the best Black Friday broadband deals steps in!

This month’s megasales period is a great time to switch providers, as many are now promoting their Black Friday prices. Take this opportunity to get yourself a faster connection so you won’t have to spend hours twiddling your thumbs waiting for the latest patch to finish downloading. Of course, it’s important to remember that your speeds may vary with these depending on your location. Thank you, shoddy UK broadband infrastructure.

Nevertheless, the best value package available is through PlusNet, who are offering unlimited fibre broadband with an average speed of 36Mb for £22.99 per month on an 18-month contract. As part of the Black Friday deal, they’re also waiving the activation fee and giving you £75 cashback – or to look at it another way, that’s three months free!

Many other providers have gone live with their Black Friday broadband deals. Here’s a quick look at the rest of the top offers:


There’s loads of money off super-speedy Hyperoptic fibre broadband packages too. As a growing provider, you may find they have limited availability if you are, essentially, based outside of London. Their coverage is growing, though. As is demand, considering the speeds available for the price.

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Take their Black Friday offers, for example, in which you can get an average of 500Mb download speeds for just £38 per month. You can even go one step further and plump for a whopping 1Gb for £45 per month! Perhaps the more sensible choice, though, is 150Mb for £26 per month. Again, it’s a great offer if you’re lucky enough to fall within their coverage area and they’re waiving the activation fee for Black Friday.


And then there are the best Black Friday broadband and TV packages. You can usually save a few bob if you’re looking to pair the two together and aren’t content with a full library of streaming subscriptions. Both Sky and Virgin Media have slashed the prices of their combo packages.

For starters, there’s the Virgin Media Bigger Bundle for £45 a month. This includes up to 213Mbps fibre broadband and a Maxit TV package with 220 channels including Sky and BT Sport. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to pay a £35 setup fee.

Over at Sky, there’s 50 per cent off all of their TV packages, which can be bundled together with broadband to save even more money. That means you can get Sky fibre broadband with Sky Entertainment, Cinema and Sports for £59.50 a month – plus a £29.95 set-up fee.

That’s the best of the bunch we’ve seen so far. We’ll continue to keep our eyes peeled throughout the Black Friday sales period and add any of the latest broadband offers we come across.


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