Hellbound Ending Explained

But they can only fight off the monsters for so long. Eventually, Youngjae and Sohyun make it their final action to protect their baby, aka Toughie. They secure the newborn between the two of them, and Youngjae ties their family together. When the monsters use their light-powers to burn the baby, Toughie survives, truly earning her moniker. Youngjae and Sohyun die in the effort.

Dongwook Believes He is a Messiah

One of the major twists in the Hellbound season finale is that the man who has taken Hyejin, Youngbae, Sonhyun, and Toughie in is Lee Dongwook, the man responsible for the yell-y Arrowhead livestreams pre-time jump. We learn via narration and flashback that Dongwook stopped his broadcasts following a demonstration telling him he would die in three years. The pronouncement seriously challenged Dongwook’s belief system. Previously, he lived by the New Truth’s doctrine and believed that the “sinners” must be punished.

Though the demonstration shakes his faith, Dongwook rebounds when Toughie and co. show up at his door, ready to dive back into the maniacal, power-driven system he was once an influential part of. He calls Chairman Jeongchil and the New Truth Committee to get corroboration on what he already believes to be true: he is a messiah, and God has given him a special mission. It turns out Dongwook’s demonstration time is only five minutes after Toughie’s, so he plans on making it look like the newborn decree video was fake, and that he is the only one God was coming for that day. It’s not really a foolproof plan, but it gives the New Truth leadership a lead on where they might be able to find Toughie, and it gives Dongwook the sense of purpose and meaning for both his life and death that he so desperately wants.

From there, Dongwook dusts off his mask and paint, and immediately begins inflicting violence in the name of God. First, he kills one of the Sodo members coming to help set up the broadcast. Then, he goes after Youngbae, Hyejin, Sohyun, and Toughie. Hyejin takes him out for a while, but he pops back up after Sohyun and Youngbae’s sacrifice, with plans to kill Toughie. Before he can stab the baby, Hyejin tackles him, and the demon-monsters show up to kill him.

The New Truth’s Power Dwindles

Change takes time (as demonstrated by Hellbound‘s mid-season time jump), but the world also seemed poised to accept the realization that the New Truth Society is a bunch of power-hungry bullies because, after witnessing Toughie’s survival, they almost immediately begin to turn against the deacons of the New Truth. After all: How could a newborn be capable of sin, if the “original sin” doesn’t exist? And, if that didn’t already get you thinking, how could the demon-monsters kill two people who were not sentenced to death, and leave a third who was pronounced to die alive?

Deacon Yuji shows up to the scene of the demonstration too late to stop the broadcast, and is very angry as a result, especially after having been shamed and reprimanded for his previous failures by Chairman Kim Jeongchil. When an older man turns against him, calling the New Truth “pathetic crooks” and “a bunch of liars,” he beats the man unconscious. Society has been tolerant of this level of violence (and more) from the New Truth and the Arrowhead before, but not in this moment. The crowd is horrified, as is one of the policemen standing by.


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