Heaven's Vault developer teases a journey into Arthurian legend for its next game

“Britain, AD 673, Camelot has fallen.”

It’s been less than a year since 80 Days developer Inkle released its wonderful archaeological adventure Heaven’s Vault to widespread acclaim, but already – following a few teases earlier this month – it’s setting things in motion for the proper reavel of its next project, which it’s now confirmed will be taking on Arthurian legend in some form.

At the start of January, Inkle tweeted seven words – swords, anguish, Britain, unrequited, forest, hope, and revenge – confirming these were a tease for the announcement of its new game. Skip to the present, and we now have something more substantial to go on.

“Britain, AD 673. Camelot has fallen”, the developer proclaimed in tweet posted earlier today, “The jealous Sir Mordred, with lies and hatred, has broken the fellowship of the Round Table. The knights of Arthur have scattered and all hope seems lost…”

That, unfortunately, is all we’re getting at present – although Inkle did add in response to various Twitter inquiries that it was creating an “original take” on Arthurian legend, and that it currently had nothing to share with regards to platforms.

Based on Inkle’s previous titles, though, it would seem logical that its latest project will retain a focus on text-driven interaction fiction. That said, given how dramatically the studio’s scope and ambition has grown with each new release – through Frankenstein, Sorcery!, and 80 Days, culminating in last year’s sublime 3D exploration/text hybrid Heaven’s Vault – it seems foolhardy to try and guess the form its spin on Arthurian legend might take.

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Inkle is a master of its craft though, so more on its next endeavour can’t come soon enough.


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