Heartbreak for UK as Fnatic Rising lose EU Masters Semi Final to SK Gaming Prime

The UK’s Fnatic Rising crashed out of the League of Legends European Masters this afternoon after a disappointing 2-0 semi-final loss to Germany’s SK Gaming Prime.

The match took place after France’s Misfits Premier beat Spain’s Mad Lions 2-0 in the first best-of-three of the day.


Game one


  • Top: Shikari – Ornn
  • Jungle: Dan – Olaf
  • Mid: MagiFelix – Akali
  • ADC: xMatty – Vayne
  • Support: Targamas – Galio


  • Top: Sacre – Swain
  • Jungle: Phrenic – Jarvan
  • Mid: Jenax – Jayce
  • ADC: Keduii – Ezreal
  • Support: Doss – Tahm Kench

While Dan claimed first blood for Fnatic in the top lane, it was SK that looked the more confident side in the early game – and for the remainder of the game.

SK secured two ocean drakes and all their players put in a good stint to control the game and pick up kills.

Fnatic did manage to get the herald but were shut out for large parts of the game. xMatty was unable to get ahead as Vayne and with no turrets destroyed at almost the 30-minute mark, Fnatic’s objective focus was rather woeful.

SK easily took game one with a 56k to 44k gold lead after winning a team fight mid, taking the game with a 12-5 kill lead.

In game two, the draft surprisingly remained very similar for Fnatic, and the casters and fans did not seem confident of Fnatic winning.


Game two


  • Top: Shikari – Kennen
  • Jungle: Dan – Olaf
  • Mid: MagiFelix – Akali
  • ADC: xMatty – Lucian
  • Support: Targamas – Braum


  • Top: Sacre – Ryze
  • Jungle: Phrenic – Jarvan
  • Mid: Jenax – Jayce
  • ADC: Keduii – Ezreal
  • Support: Doss – Rakan

Surprisingly, the picks in game two were very similar to the first game, with Dan, MagiFelix, Phrenic, Jenax and Keduii selecting the same champions as before.

It was a shame not to see Fnatic go for some other picks in game two and shake things up, especially for Dan and MagiFelix who can make a huge impact if they snowball early.

But this was not a repeat of game one. Fnatic started off much better, picking up some early kills, turrets and drakes, with Dan going 3/0 as Olaf early on.

However, SK dug in, farmed up and positioned well as a unit to come back into the game.

As we entered the late game, it was clear this match was going to swing on a baron or elder drake play, and that proved to be the case.

Fnatic turned around a team fight at 30 minutes, killing four SK players then taking the mountain drake afterwards. Then at 34 minutes, they took the baron, and one minute later, the elder drake.

Things were looking good for Fnatic. Dan was 5/0/4 at this point and the team had momentum. But they failed to make good enough use of their buffs, and at 48 minutes they lost the game.

SK won a team fight at baron, but with death timers so high, they ignored the baron to storm into Fnatic’s base and take the game.

SK ended with 89k gold to Fnatic’s 85k, and 18 kills to Fnatic’s 20.

It was another disappointment for the UK scene, which has consistently failed to perform well on the European knockout stage.

What makes it worse is England losing to Germany has echoes of the Euro 96 football defeat – and losing to a team all wearing some ridiculous pink shoes… (okay, we admit it, we’re sulking okay)!


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