Hangar 13 supports Women In Games Career Mentor Award

Last year Hangar 13 Games piloted an internal mentoring scheme, intended not just to benefit those wanting or needing mentors, but also the mentors themselves. The scheme was deemed such a success that it will be implemented again this year. In the meantime, the Brighton studio is getting behind the Career Mentor Award at this year’s MCV/DEVELOP Women In Games Awards

“At Hangar 13, we recognize the importance of acknowledging women’s achievements within the games industry and how that, in turn, cultivates professional development and contributes to creating inspiring role models” said Hangar 13’s director of operations Rebecca Sampson. “We believe it’s always fantastic for women to have their incredible accomplishments highlighted, as well as being provided with platforms such as this to showcase their talents. We’d also suggest the games industry is keen to continue celebrating successes, which is why Hangar 13 is happy to be a sponsor of the MCV Women in Games Awards 2022.” 

As someone who admits that, until recently, they hadn’t been a beneficiary of a formal mentoring program, Sampson believes that career mentors are hugely important, especially for women, as a resource for advice, collaboration and support. “Whether it is mentoring someone at the start of one’s career, working in a mid-level role or with a senior position – or having someone who can share stories, experiences, and knowledge without bias or judgement and have a fundamental focus on learning and thriving – this resource is essential.” 

“We believe there is still a gap at the senior management level and would like to see more women in these roles, enabling them to influence, inspire, and lead. Once someone is in a senior position, there should also be a duty of care to continue supporting career progression, and mentoring is one way to start doing this. Many have experienced first-hand the merits career mentoring can bring and understand the positive impact that being a mentor and/or mentee can have, which is why at Hangar 13, we felt it key to be sponsoring this category, especially during a time where connections, interactions, and shared experiences are so imperative.”

If there’s someone you know that should be considered for the Career Mentor 2022 award (whether a colleague, close contact or even yourself), we invite you to add your nomination at the Women In Games Awards website. Be aware that time is running out, with nominations needing to be submitted by 1pm this coming Monday, January 24th.


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