Hand luggage: Pack this household item to avoid excess baggage weight – would you try it?

Hand luggage restrictions are increasingly being enforced by airlines and can be a headache for many travellers trying to pack everything they need for a holiday. Though packing more than the guideline amount is an option, it is a costly one.

So, how can passengers fit all of the things they need in their bags without running the risk of a bag that’s too big or too heavy?

One frequent flier shared their top tip to Reddit which they say can free up a considerable amount of space in your bag.

The suggestion is to take a hand towel instead of a full-sized bath towel to dry yourself off with after showers.

Towels, when rolled or folded, can end up taking a huge amount of space, and can also add a little extra weight that could be used for other things.

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They write: “I usually stay in places with towels and avoid hostels like the plague, but a microfibre towel is great for the beach and/or places where you can’t be sure there will be a towel.”

Of course, packing a towel isn’t always necessary, especially if you plan on staying in a hotel where towels are provided.

Adam Ewart, CEO of SendMyBag has another suggestion.

“Versatile, low-maintenance clothing is key to packing light,” suggests Adam.

“Take the multipurpose sarong for example: great for a hot day but can also be used as a changing room at the beach, a tablecloth for a picnic, a pillow when you’re weary or a scarf if you’re chilly.

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Get inventive and never judge a book by its cover.”

What happens if my hand luggage exceeds the limit?

Most airlines, and particularly budget airlines, enforce stringent weight and size restrictions for passenger hand luggage.

Bags that are found to exceed this limit are often required to be placed in the hold, but this can have huge costs.

When it comes to easyJet, while normal prices for hold luggage are between £10-£38 for online bookings, if the checked baggage costs have to be applied at the gate, passengers could fork out as much as pay £50.

Meanwhile, popular UK carrier Ryanair charges can be as high as £50 at the airport.


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