Hand luggage: Don’t travel with these banned perfumes or risk trouble at security

Passengers hoping to jet off with hand luggage only can speed up the airport process and cut costs. However, this method of travel comes with its own set of restrictions. Some unexpected liquid-filled items are banned from the airport altogether, regardless of their size. Fans of these two popular perfume brands could face disappointment if they choose to take their scents to the airport.

London City Airport advises against carrying aftershave by Victor & Rolf into the airport.

The scent, named “Spicebomb” caused a stir at an airport back in 2012 and has been on UK airport’s watch list ever since.

This is because the bottle is designed to look like a grenade, which means it is instantaneously flagged by airport security scanners.

One unfortunate passenger travelling from Edinburgh to London Heathrow faced a long wait when security discovered his aftershave and thought it was a concealed weapon.

As panic rose in the airport, the 25-year-old said he was “stunned” to have been the cause of the terror.

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The airport does warn, though, that the restricted fragrance list is not “exhaustive” so passengers would be wise to exercise common sense before packing their hand luggage.

It’s not just perfume that is held to these rules. The airport states that any item which replicates a gun or explosive will be immediately detected and removed.

The website goes on to say that banned items include: “Toy guns, replica and imitation firearms or perfume or aftershave bottles that resemble grenades or other firearms or weapons.”

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A spokesperson from said: “Ensuring everything you pack at home is allowed onto the plane is an easy way to prevent a stressful experience once you reach the airport.

“Some items you might not think as a problem when packing, but when safety is considered it becomes clear why they aren’t allowed in hand luggage.

“Having items removed from you and potentially being handed a fine is not how you want to start, or end, your trip away.

“Each airline may have different restrictions, so it’s important to check every time you fly.”

Heathrow has said: “We are home to the largest aviation network in Europe, with millions of people passing through our airports every year for work, holidays and family visits.

“We’re set to streamline those trips with the rollout of this ground-breaking technology – cutting down hassle for travellers and improving security measures.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps added: “The new screening equipment will improve security and make the experience smoother and less stressful for passengers.

“It could also mean an end to passengers having to use plastic bags or rationing what they take away with them.”


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