Halo Infinite: Best Controller and Sensitivity Settings

As you can see, the recommended settings above are mostly designed to move the melee button to RB/R1, and I have to say that layout does tend to feel a bit more natural for this game. Of course, you can always still play around with the “free” buttons that are left after making the melee swap if you’re still trying to find that sweet spot for everything.

For mouse and keyboard players…well, it has to be said that Infinite‘s default settings for those devices are actually pretty good. Since it’s also very easy to swap around a few keys on your keyboard based on your personal preferences, let’s instead look at some of the best supplementary settings for PC players:

Invert Look: Optional Based on Preferences
Invert Flight: Optional Based on Preferences
Hold to Crouch: Off
Hold to Zoom: On
Hold to Sprint: On
Maintain Sprint: On
Auto Climber: On
Step Jump: On
Mouse Magnetism: Off
Movement Assisted Steering: On

Halo Infinite: Best Sensitivity Settings

Much like controller layouts, your preferred Halo Infinite sensitivity settings ultimately come down to your personal preferences. However, we do see more and more gamers looking for preferred “pro” settings that they believe will improve their overall performance.

While it’s a little foolish to assume that there are magical sensitivity settings that will make you a better player, it should also be said that there’s a strong argument to be made for learning to love a particular set of sensitivity settings that are best suited to meet Infinite’s pace and play style. So far as that goes, here are some of the most popular controller sensitivity settings that I’ve seen for Halo Infinite:

Sensitivity & Acceleration

Look Acceleration: 5
Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 6
Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 6


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