Halloween: Google Doodle celebrates holiday with interactive ‘trick-or-treat’ game

Google is celebrating the spookiest day of the year with an interactive – and informative – Halloween Doodle. 

For 31 October, the search engine created a festive animal-themed trick-or-treat game, with some help from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The game allows users to choose a door, which then reveals an animal. Users are then prompted to choose either “trick” or “treat”.

If you choose “treat,” you are given an interesting fact about the animal. For example, an octopus has three hearts.

“Only two pump while I swim, so I prefer to crawl,” the animation informs you. 

If you choose “trick,” however, you are rewarded with a Halloween-themed animation featuring the animal and music. 

Although it is not exactly a game, the Doodle is entertaining – and will likely teach you an animal fact you didn’t know before. 

According to Google, the Doodle features animals that are “commonly associated with scary movies, ghost stories and Halloween decorations,” so you can expect to see other spooky creatures such as a wolf, an owl, a spider and a bat. 

The Doodle also links to WWF, where you can learn more about supporting animals “like the ones featured in the Doodle”.

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On WWF’s international site, the organisation offers visitors a chance to take a quiz titled: “Are You A Hallow-Queen?” where you can test your knowledge about nature-based Halloween facts. 


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