H1-KEY get rebellious in new music video for ‘Let It Burn’

K-pop girl group H1-KEY have officially released their third mini-album ‘Love or Hate’, along with a music video for title track ‘Let It Burn’.

Both the record and accompanying visual were released on June 19 at 6pm KST. The latter features the four members of H1-KEY as rebellious students of a high school, as they revel in the nostalgic joys of being teenagers while embracing their defiant spirit.

The song itself is “characterised by rebellious and straightforward lyrics different from past H1-KEY songs”, they said in a press conference for the release. “Let’s burn down all the love or hate / Let it burn no matter what / I’d rather burn and turn to ash than be lukewarm,” they belt on the chorus.

The choreography for ‘Let It Burn’ was notably created by famed dancer Lia Kim, who also serves dance studio 1MILLION as its chief choreographer. Title track aside, ‘Love or Hate’ boasts three additional songs: ‘♥︎ Letter’, ‘Iconic’ and ‘Rainfalls’.


‘Love or Hate’ marks H1-KEY’s first music since they released ‘Seoul Dreaming’ in August 2023. In January last year, H1-KEY break out with their viral hit ‘Rose Blossom’, which peaked at Number 14 on South Korea’s Circle Chart.

H1-KEY are also the latest artists to be featured on NME’s The Cover, where they speak about how ‘Rose Blossom’ opened their eyes to the healing power of music as well as their new mini-album ‘Love or Hate’.

“The recurring idea is that we resonate with the youth, and sometimes that can mean giving hope and being about growth or getting hurt,” Riina said of the new release, adding that it’s also about not being “lukewarm”, or half-hearted in life.

To accompany their appearance on The Cover, H1-KEY have also curated an exclusive playlist for NME, knowingly titled ‘Low-key Bops, High-key on Repeat’. It’s a collection of 16 earworms that the girl group are currently in love with, featuring songs by NewJeans, Missy ElliottBritney Spears, and more.


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