Guy who shouts 'Stop Brexit' at Parliament every day to stand in Euro elections

A man who has yelled “stop Brexit” at Parliament every sitting day for the last 18 months is standing for the European Parliament.

Steve Bray, known locally as the “Stop Brexit Guy”, began protesting in Westminster in September 2017, wearing a blue and yellow hat and draped in a Union Flag cape.

He started as a lone voice, shouting at the seat of democracy once a day.

But as time has gone on, and anti-Brexit sentiment has swelled, so has his group of screaming Remainers, hurling an increasingly lengthy stream of invective at the Palace.

Along with “stop Brexit”, Steve and his group have gradually started adding “It’s not a done deal” and “it’s not going well, is it?”


Mr Bray will stand as an independent candidate in next month’s European elections, if they take place.

He said: “I cannot stand for a party. Our protest at SODEM (Stand of Defiance European Movement) has succeeded because we have always drawn cross party support and refused to toe any party line.

“This is so much bigger than any political party. It really is time to put country before party.”

He added: “I hope that pro-EU Conservative, Pro-EU Labour , Green, Lib Dem, Change UK and WEP supporters will break away from narrow party allegiances and vote for what they know is best for London and the UK, which is to remain in the EU.”

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