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Guy Earns ₹36 Lakh A Month Just By Live-Streaming Himself Playing Video Games – Storypick

Video games are something people of all ages can ace, but some are pushing the boundaries to become absolute legends. From an 8-year-old kid who earns a whopping Rs. 23 lakhs as a signing bonus for playing Fortnight, to a 90-year-old ‘gamer grandma’ who set a world record playing Resident Evil and Call Of Duty, it makes me want to quit my job and game on!

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As per a report in News18, a 24-year-old Korean gamer named Kim Min-kyo makes a fortune out of playing the online battle game ‘League of Legends’ for up to 15 hours per day in his pyjamas. Thousands of fans watch his gaming prowess from his cramped studio on the roof of his mother’s apartment in Seoul, as his income climbed to around $50,000 (Rs. 36 lakhs approx.) a month. In South Korea, such live streamers are known as Broadcast Jockeys” or BJs.

He is among the top 1% of earners in South Korea, but his lifestyle seems to be anything but flashy, South China Morning Post reports. He eats, sleeps, washes, and works in the same converted storeroom and says, “I’m not really into cars or spending lots of money. My mum manages all my income so I never have a lot of money on me.”

Reportedly, he is said to build content around conversations that challenge his country’s social boundaries. He acknowledged, “Maybe sometimes you need to do something absurd to attract followers. “His commentary is otherwise also described as ‘quick-witted’ mixed with ‘high-school-level humor’.

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Having more than 400,000 subscribers, he mints money from other sources as well like advertising on YouTube, sponsorship, fan donations, or even consuming local energy drinks in the middle of his livestream!

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