Gucci Cruise to present at Rome's Capitoline Museums

Gucci Cruise to present at Rome's Capitoline Museums

Gucci has finally revealed the site of its location for its Cruise 2020
runway show. Kering’s hottest luxury brand will be showing at Rome’s
Capitoline Museums on May 28. Creative director Alessandro Michele chose
this location because he wanted somewhere reminiscent of his childhood. The
Museums are located on Capitoline Hill and offer a unique insight to Rome’s
antiquities collection.

The Capitoline Museums can be defined as the oldest museum complex in the
world. Three bronze statues named the Capitoline Wolf, Spinario and Camillo
and fragments of the Colossus of Constantine by Pope Sixtus IV were given
back Rome’s people in 1471, giving birth to the first public collection of
ancient works in Campidolio.

Michele has an ongoing creative discourse with antique worlds; most
recently the pre-fall 2019 collection was shot in the archaeological parks
of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Selinunte to create a contemporary tableau
vivant. The choice of Capitoline Museums keeps up Gucci’s new tradition of
holding the cruise collection shows in artistically and historically
significant places; the Dia-Art Foundation in New York City, The Cloisters
of Westminster Abbey in London, the Palatine Gallery at Pitti Palace in
Florence and the Promenade Des Alyscamps in Arles.

Over the next two years Gucci will make a donation to support the
restoration project of the Rupe Tarpea, the rock face on the southern side
of the Campidoglio. According to history, up to the first century A.D.
traitors were sentenced to death from the cliff to the underlying Roman
Forum, symbolically expelled from the city. Today the cliff, made mainly of
tufa, a porous rock, carved and dug over the centuries, is a unique natural
space .

photo: courtesy of Gucci


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