Gucci continues Chime for Change initiatives to support gender equality

Adding to Gucci’s Chime For Change global campaign for gender equality, the
brand has released its third edition of Chime Zine featuring work from artists, writers,
and activists worldwide.

The vibrant and colorful digital issue, edited by author Adam Eli and art directed by visual artist MP5, includes interviews, artwork, photographs, and essays highlighting a variety of women-led movements and the challenges and issues they face today in places like Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, and Poland.

Gucci has also joined the Generation Equality Forum as the private sector leader on the Feminist Movements and Leadership Action Coalition. The forum, co-hosted by the Mexican and French government and in partnership with UN youth and civil society, is designed to accelerate actions and global commitments toward gender equality by 2026.

To achieve the rights of all women, Gucci, in partnership with the forum stated it would be focusing on increasing funding to feminist and women-led organizations; expanding and protecting women’s roles in civic spaces; expanding gender transformative and inclusive laws and policies; strengthening resources and creating safe spaces for adolescent girl and young feminist leaders.

Moreover, Gucci announced its Chime For Change grant recipients: Global Fund for Women, Equality Now, UN Women, Dire, Beawarenow, and Artolution.

“Chime for Change is pleased to continue critical funding to nonprofit partners working with women-led grassroots organizations on the frontlines to protect and uphold the safety, health, and human rights of women around the world, including women of color, transgender women, Indigenous women, and disabled women,” stated Gucci in a press release.

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Image: Gucci Chime Zine


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