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Interesting letter (20 May) from Dr Helga Rhein, mentioning that Finland has for some time fortified food with vitamin D, “so that the average Finn has double the vitamin D blood level of the average Scot”. In fact Finland, a country not famous for its sunshine, is the country in Europe with the fewest cases of Covid infection, at 1,635.5 cases per 100,000. Coincidence? Or is vitamin D too inexpensive to interest big pharma?
Agusti Coma
Wallington, London

With due respect to Brian Collingridge, writing about the Suez crisis (Letters, 20 May), the Guardian, then the Manchester Guardian, was not “the only national newspaper objecting to the proposed war”. There was also vociferous opposition from another national newspaper: the Observer.
William Keegan
Senior economics commentator, the Observer

Re typos (Letters, 19 May), many years ago I was on a visit to the Guardian’s presses, where one of the typesetters gave me a slug reading “The Guardian”. Could he, I asked, make one with the classic typo? “Of course,” he said, and then gave me one reading “The Gruaniad”.
Tom Uprichard

I’ll never forget the obituary to the wonderful actor Brian Glover, who was memorably described as having died from a “brian tumour”. I’m sure he would have seen the funny side of it.
Tony Boshell
Beckenham, London

Jed Mercurio will have plenty of material for his long-awaited seventh series of Line of Duty when Priti Patel is forced to release the inquiry results (Daniel Morgan murder: panel refuses to hand over report, 19 May). Where are AC-12 and Ted Hastings when we need them?
Rob Dickinson
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

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