GTA Online puts new feature behind paywall and fans are now worried for GTA 6

Fans hope GTA 6 Online won’t be full of purchasable events and features (Rockstar Games)

A new GTA Online update lets you collect money easier, but only if you’re a paying subscriber, as fans worry about increased monetisation in GTA 6.

While everyone is trying to figure out exactly when GTA 6 will be released next autumn, GTA Online is still churning out new content updates, for fans to sink their teeth into in the meantime.

The latest update includes a new storyline but also a feature that fans have long been asking for, which lets you collect cash you’ve earned through your businesses via an app on your in-game phone.

The problem is that the feature is only available in the Bottom Dollar Bounties event, which can only accessed with a GTA+ subscription, which costs £6.99 a month. Fans are now worried GTA 6 Online will also have important features locked behind paywalls.

A GTA fan spotted the feature and posted it on Reddit, saying that the app, called The Vinewood Club App, also lets you purchase ammo and request cars.

The post has blown up with fans upset that the feature isn’t available to everyone, because collecting money can be a bit of a chore in the game.

‘Since day one there were already concerns GTA+ would start locking out genuinely good features from non-subscribing players,’ said Select_Ad on Reddit, adding:

‘The car dealership and s*** was already stretching it, but now including a QoL [quality of life] update behind a f****** paywall? That’s genuinely sad and makes me a lot more concerned over GTA 6 Online.

‘So many players requested this feature, yeah they’re ‘listening to our feedback’ and figuring out how to monetise it. One of the slimiest things they’ve done in a while.’

Ab-Aeterno said, ‘Why are they locking key features to the game behind a subscription paywall. Things like this is why my hope for GTA 6 is slowly starting to dwindle.’

You would have to look long and hard to find a Reddit thread more in agreement than this one, as every one of its 800 commentors appear to be very unhappy with the feature being behind a paywall.

It gets worse though, because GTA+ is only available to console fans, leaving PC gamers completely unable to use the feature, something many fans have also complained about.

Considering GTA 6 has been in development for 10 years, and reportedly has a budget of £1.55 billion, it wouldn’t be surprising if parts of the upcoming sequel are monetised, at least in terms of the online mode.

What is for sure is that GTA 6 will be the most anticipated video game release of all time, but whether that will be enough for players to put up with more monetisation remains to be seen.

Hopefully you won’t need to pay to rob a bank in GTA 6 (Rockstar Games)

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