GTA 6 fans find out what Rockstar Games has planned next, it’s NOT what you think

GTA 6 release date looks to have been put on the back burner with new details emerging about what Rockstar Games is launching next.

GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games on the horizon, despite Rockstar Games not officially announcing the new Grand Theft Auto title.

It’s almost been six years since GTA 5 first launched back in 2013 and fans are currently enduring the longest wait for a new GTA game ever.

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out attention has shifted to what Rockstar Games could be working on at the moment.

GTA 6 is an obvious contender and in 2019 there has been a flurry of rumours surrounding the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

It’s been rumoured that GTA 6 could launch in 2020 as a timed PS5 exclusive, that it’ll be set in Vice City and will only release on next-gen formats.

And as the wait for official news on GTA 6 continues it looks like the next title Rockstar Games is releasing has been leaked.

Leaks had previously indicated that the next title Rockstar releases could be Bully 2 and not GTA 6.

And while it could still be the case that Bully 2 arrives before GTA 6 it looks like there will be another launch before these two titles land.

It had previously been revealed that the Australian board of classification had banned a mysterious Rockstar Games title called Bonaire.

And now it looks like we have found out what this title will be, with Rockstar Games insider Tezfunz2 revealing the news.

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According to Tezfunz2 Bonaire is actually the highly anticipated PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Rockstar Games insider tweeted: “Rockstar mysterious title called ‘Bonaire’ is the code name for RDR2 PC.

“As to why it was refused classification is unknown, but I would assume it’s because of something new within the PC version as the Australian government seems to be okay with the console versions. #RDR2”.

It remains to be seen what this “new” content is within RDR2 that could lead to the Australian classification board banning it.

And whether Rockstar Games will make any amends to ensure it gets released in the territory.

The news comes after earlier this week another alleged leaked screenshot for Bully 2 emerged.

The picture was the second alleged leaked image for Bully 2, with both showing what’s claimed to be the in-game map.

The second one gave a larger view of the map, showing the UI for it as well as the Wintersmith Mansion area that appeared in the first leak.

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