GRID 2019: How to drive FAST & master Codemasters’ new game

Racing is exciting, captivating and, at times, heart-breaking.

Whatever format the competition is, whether it be motor sport, athletics or even horse racing, we love racing. Recently released GRID captures that thrill and emotion perfectly, we loved the game in our review, and RealSport is far from alone in having this opinion. 

The ultimate aim of racing is to win, and winning the GRID World Series is the ultimate aim of Codemasters’ latest release. Needless to say, you have to be quick to be successful in this high-octane racer and here’s our comprehensive guide to quick driving in GRID!


SETTINGS: GRID has a ton of difficulty & assist options 

GRID drops you in the middle of the action without much in the way of a tutorial at the start of the game. You begin on the defaults for the difficulty settings, medium AI, full ABS & Traction Control etc… You can adjust these settings whenever you want by going into the main menu and selecting Options, Gameplay and then scroll to the right for the difficulty menu.

What options and assists you should go with obviously depends on your skillset, every player is different in experience and speed, so choose the preferences which suit you the best. Be warned when choosing which AI difficulty to race against though, as I find due to the short nature of the races, you have to go lower than you normally would. 

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For example, I race on 102% AI in F1 2019, but I only go on medium in GRID. This is because even though I’m faster than the competition, there’s so many of them to overtake in about 3 laps, as we’ll touch on later.

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For a more in-depth look at pad and wheel settings, check out this article we wrote this week.  

Your Team

TEAM FIRST: You can adjust your teammate to improve your overall results

Another gripe that some fans have expressed concern about is the lack of a mention when it comes to your team and teammate. You compete in every event as a team of two drivers, and you might not be aware that you can make changes to the outfit you drive for.

To view and edit you team, you choose Player Profile in the Main Menu, then select Team. From here, you can “buy” your teammate so that not only do you personally win the event, but your teammate helps win the teams championship too. 

Obviously, you’ll spend differing amounts of in-game currency and conceding different percentages of race fee depending on the skill level of your AI teammate. And as you can tell by the screenshot above, you’ll unlock more as the game progresses and your level increases, so be sure to check here regularly!

You can also change your team’s name, if you want to race for RealSport GRID, you can!

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Driving Style

BUMPER TO BUMPER: Close racing is common in GRID

There’s a huge amount of cars and categories to choose from in GRID, each with their own unique characteristics, so there’s no true “one size fits all” method to being fast across all the vehicles on offer. 

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For example, you should always take wider and faster lines around corners in Stock and Muscle cars, thanks to their relatively poor handling but ample power levels. However, with cars such as the nippy and terrifying F1000 cars, you round corners in the same fashions as you do in games such as F1 2019, slow in, fast out and tight to the apex. 

In general, though, there are some fundamental rules to being quick in this game, the first of which is that you have to be aggressive. Most races have around 16 competitors in, and if you don’t take part in qualifying, you’ll have to start from the back of the grid and carve your way through the pack. 

Of course, some circuits are easier to overtake around than others, but passing in this game isn’t easy, not by a long shot. The car ahead will always make their rear bumper as wide as possible, especially if they’re your nemesis or rival.

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Although you need to be aggressive, you can’t be foolhardy, steaming into the first corner where you can only squeeze three cars abreast when you’re number 4 won’t end well. You have to pick your moment to pass, if you have time, use it to your advantage.

If you’re in a gaggle of cars, think about feathering the throttle to drop back and position yourself better for the upcoming corner and always use the slipstream to your advantage. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the first corner of a complex to be fast through the rest, that’s the art of racing.

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If things do go pear-shaped, though, you have the option to use a flashback and rewind your mistake out of the race, we won’t tell anybody if you use them regularly, we promise!

The final point is something that a lot of players won’t have even considered, go amiss for most players, particularly those that are less experienced. The handbrake turn is something that can’t be overestimated in slow-speed and tight corners. Press circle on PS4 or B on Xbox One to put the handbrake on, your car will turn on a sixpence if you try it. Be careful not to use it when in a crowd of cars or to use it too much and spin. You’ll be needing those Flashbacks again if it goes wrong, but the handbrake turn is often the fastest way round a tight corner!


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