Green list travel updates – Summer holidays to TEN countries announced within days as just 4 new covid deaths recorded


Around one in five adults (21 per cent) in Great Britain experienced some form of depression in early 2021 – more than double the level recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic (10 per cent), new figures suggest.

Among people aged 16 to 39 the figure stood at 29 per cent up from 11per cent, while for those with a disability the figure was 39 per cent, up from 27per cent.

Some 25 per cent of people living in a single-person household experienced depression in early 2021, up from 15 per cent before the pandemic.

For those living in a household with at least one child under 16, the proportion stood at 23 per cent, up from 6 per cent.

The figures were compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) from people aged 16 and over surveyed between January 27 and March 7 2021.


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