Gotham season 5: Joker revealed before final episodes

Media marketing teams love to get into the April Fools’ Day spirit. Most of the time, it comes off as gimmicky and like they’re trying too hard—but not this year with Gotham. The absolutely bonkers comic book adaptation is taking April Fools’ Day promotion to the next level with a tease for the return of the Joker—and this seems like anything but a joke.

Gotham has really gone all-in its final season, and this includes a commitment to narrative of the show’s canonical Joker. The show has been dragging its feet on truly introducing the Batman villain since season 1 (perhaps due to a mandate from people higher up at DC Entertainment), when it first introduced Cameron Monaghan’s Joker-like Jerome, but refused to call him the Joker.

The saga continued after Jerome died, as his twin Jeremiah took on the villainous mantle in all but name. However, following the events of this season’s “Ace Chemicals,” it seems like Gotham may finally be willing to pull the trigger. After all, how many times does a character have to fall into a vat of chemicals before he gets to be called the Joker?

The teaser Gotham just released is for season 5, episode 11, “They Did What,” which is the penultimate episode of Gotham, and, while it might not use the “Joker” title, it does call itself the “J” teaser. Will Gotham‘s Joker finally be called the Joker in the final two episodes ever? If anyone has earned it, it’s Cameron Monagham. Check out the teaser…

And this terrifying character portrait…

Gotham returns for its final two episodes ever on April 18th stateside.


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