'Got Brexit Done': Tory party sells £12 tea towel in celebration

Downing Street might be quietly warning Conservative Brexiters against overt triumphalism before Friday’s departure from the EU, but the message has not seemingly reached party HQ, which has launched a range of merchandise with the slogan “Got Brexit Done”.

Among the offerings is a £12 tea towel showing the slogan above an image of Boris Johnson flanked by a union flag and Britannia-style shield. Around the edge the departure date is spelled out in Latin: “XXXI Jan – Anno MMXX”.

For £15 you can get a blue-and-white mug with a more personal, “I got Brexit done!” slogan, and the date. Like the tea towel, it is billed by the website as “PROUDLY printed in the UK”.

Mimicking the Johnson-and-shield design of the tea towel, a fridge magnet with the slogan costs £6. The website says: “These OFFICIAL fridge magnets represent a momentous new chapter in the UK’s history, and make fantastic keepsakes or gifts for friends and family.”

Limited edition Got Brexit Done lapel pin,, which costs £5.

Limited edition Got Brexit Done lapel pin,, which costs £5. Photograph: https://shop.conservatives.com/

Cheapest of all is an “I got Brexit done” lapel pin, showing a union flag and the departure date.

“People like you have allowed us to make good on our promises, and deliver on the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union,” the website says. “So buy our official lapel pin now to celebrate this amazing accomplishment, and our bright future ahead!”

The official Got Brexit Done 2020 tea towel costs £12

The tea towel in full Photograph: https://shop.conservatives.com/

Downing Street is marking the moment of departure at 11pm on Friday with relatively low-key events such as union flags being flown and buildings being illuminated – but no Big Ben chimes from the under-restoration parliament clock tower, despite protestations from Brexiters.

While the new departure date has been known since October, when the prime minister grudgingly sent the EU an unsigned letter to comply with a backbench-instigated bill mandating a new extension, it seems Conservative central office has not planned its memorabilia in time. Small print under each item says: “Please note: delivery of our Got Brexit Done collection will begin week commencing 10th February.”


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