Gorillaz give us the lowdown on Momentary Bliss featuring slowthai and Slaves

THOSE cartoon reprobates Gorillaz are up to something big.

Along with esteemed mentors Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, they’ve been hatching a masterplan at their secret Kong Studios base . . . and they’ve named it Song Machine.

 Gorillaz tell all on Momentary Bliss featuring slowthai and Slaves


Gorillaz tell all on Momentary Bliss featuring slowthai and Slaves

The foursome of 2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and Noodle are releasing audio-visual episodes as and when they happen.

The first instalment of Season One, Momentary Bliss, popped up on YouTube yesterday.

It’s a riotous infusion of punk, rap and electro-pop and features two brilliantly uncompromising acts, slowthai and Slaves.

Chain-smoking Murdoc gives us the lowdown.

 The 2-D foursome are back with Song Machine - a series of audio-visual episodes


The 2-D foursome are back with Song Machine – a series of audio-visual episodes

HEY Murdoc, tell us about your Song Machine contraption?

Murdoc: Really outdone myself this time. It’s a beautiful and terrifying marvel, much like me. Think of it like a demonic slow-cooker. Chuck in the musical ingredients, out comes the sweetest sonic casserole you’ve ever dined on.

I read somewhere that it’s Gorillaz’ attempt to break the mould . . . is that how you see it?

Murdoc: Been breaking moulds my entire life, pal. That’s why I got sacked from my job at the pottery factory back in Stoke-on-Trent. Well, that and the ten-foot-high statue I made of myself in reception.

How did you persuade slowthai and Slaves to take part?

Murdoc: No persuasion necessary. Like most things these days it’s all decided by algorithm.

 Murdoc shares his future plans for Gorillaz world domination...


Murdoc shares his future plans for Gorillaz world domination…

What’s the vibe of Momentary Bliss?

Murdoc: It’s that six-minute window when the bath water is between skin-meltingly hot, and unpleasantly lukewarm. Add bubbles to taste. Rubber duck optional. Bliss.

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Do you have any subtle clues to future collaborators on this project?

Murdoc: Have patience and Murdoc will enlighten you. Still got a few superstars to schmooze, backs to slap. Celebrity stuff. You know the drill.

Why did you pitch up at Kong Studios to make this racket?

Murdoc: Where else would we be? Kong’s the best studio in the world. It’s like Abbey Road, the Tardis and your favourite corner shop rolled into one. Enough room for us all to live, and it’s only lightly haunted.

Why do you keep trying to poison that bloke Damon?

Murdoc: Wasn’t me, guv. I’m still technically on parole after my last stint at Her Majesty’s gaff, so I don’t even jaywalk these days.

And how are you getting on with 2-D these days?

Murdoc: Swimmingly. We’re thinking of getting a tandem bike for chummy jaunts around London. I’ll be at the back, feet up. Let 2-D work on his cardio.

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What do you think of Noodle’s tiger print outfit?

Murdoc: You mean my tiger print outfit. I gave it to Noodle after I shrunk it. That’s the risk when you boil wash, but sometimes it’s the only option.

Can you share any future plans for Gorillaz world domination?

Murdoc: Careful chucking phrases like “world domination” around, pal. Don’t want to give Song Machine any ideas. It’s already eaten our houseplants.

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