Gordon Ramsay shared fears of having another child before welcoming new baby at 57

Gordon Ramsay, 57, became a father again for the sixth time this week after he confirmed on Saturday that his wife Tana had given birth to a healthy baby boy.

In a surprise announcement, Tana, who kept her pregnancy secret for nine months, appeared in a photo with their newborn son Jesse James Ramsay on Instagram.

The couple are already parents to daughter Megan, 24, twins Holly and Jack, 23, Tilly, 21, and Oscar, four.

However, just a few months ago the Kitchen Nightmares star admitted he wasn’t keen on having another child.

Speaking on Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett on the Dish podcast in September, Gordon quipped about the chaos another child would add to the school run and also said he feared looking like a grandad at the gates.

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He spilled: “It’s like going to school, going out for dinner in two buses.

“And secondly, I’m going to be the oldest f***er at school. ‘Who’s your grandad?’

“And what about sports day? The egg and spoon race. What am I going to do?

“So, I’d love another one, but no, five is enough for now,” he added.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Gordon admitted he was also already struggling with backchat from his four-year-old son Oscar.

Gordon admitted: “He didn’t want to wear his blazer. He said, ‘Dad, it’s too f***ing itchy’. And he said, ‘the food’s s***’.

“I said, ‘Son, BYO’. He said, ‘What does that mean?” I said, “Bring your f***ing own’.

“So he’s got his own lunchbox, it’s all prepped, he’s got his finger sandwiches.”

Having children of a variety of ages, Gordon’s fears have centered around Love Island for his oldest girls.

Gordon previously admitted that he lives in fear that one of his daughters would appear on Love Island.

He told the Radio Times: “And Love Island thinking that, one day, one of my daughters is going to be there without telling me. I don’t watch, just in case.”

His daughter Tilly, however has already begun forging a TV career, reaching the final of Celebrity MasterChef Australia.