Google Pixel 3 Can Now Use AI to Snap Optimal Selfies

Sick of snapping selfies in which you or someone else has closed eyes or an unflattering facial expression? Google wants to use the power of AI to help you avoid that.

In an announcement on the Google AI Blog, Google has announced a new shutter-free mode in the Pixel 3 Camera app called Photobooth.

Once you enter Photobooth mode and press the shutter button, the camera will keep its eye on the subjects in the frame and automatically snap photos when the camera is steady and when subjects have open eyes and good expressions.

Oh, and Photobooth also has a kiss detection feature that automatically captures shots when kisses are detected.

If you’re interested in the technical details behind how Photobooth’s AI works, you can read an explanation in Google’s blog post.

“We’re excited by the possibilities of automatic photography on camera phones,” Google says. “As computer vision continues to improve, in the future we may generally trust smart cameras to select a great moment to capture.

“Photobooth is an example of how we can carve out a useful corner of this space—selfies and group selfies of smiles, funny faces, and kisses—and deliver a fun and useful experience.”

(via Google AI Blog via Gizmodo)


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