Google Maps Street View: Woman caught falling over in embarrassing position

Google Maps Street View is one of the most popular forms of navigation where users can transport themselves to anywhere they want to in the world. However while users are using Google Maps, they often spot some rather weird and wonderful sights.

She seems to have been caught falling into a bin.

The user who found the scene posted the photo on Reddit to share with other users.

They captioned the photo: “I didn’t expect to find this.”

Though the woman may look as if she could be in pain, some commenters found the scene to be very funny.

The man is wearing a burgundy t-shirt with a green jacket along with blue jeans.

Users said that this was one of the weirdest sightings they had ever seen on the site.

While there is no instant explanation as to what has happened here, they may be a rational reason as to why the man is pictured twice.

Glitches are fairly common on Google Maps due to a number of reasons.

People are constantly moving, especially in a high-street and so this man may have got caught in a glitch.


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