Google Maps Street View: Terrifying animal figure spotted sprawled over a mountain range

Google Maps has hired in on a terrifying animal during its trip to a picturesque mountain range, with the feature somewhat marring the idyllic view. The Street View team headed out to the Piedmont region of Italy recently, when they stumbled upon the figure. The animal, a rabbit, is a eerie shade of pink and has its mouth open in a scream. It sprawls across a large grassy patch, and on this particular moment was seen lying on its back in the sunshine in the Artesina region.

Yet what is it, and why is it there?

It has been reported the bizarre bunny is called Hase, German for hare, measuring 200ft long and 20ft high.

It was installed in the Italian spot by art collective Gelatin, who spent five years knitting it.

Hese is believed to be able to last until 2025, before the huge cuddly toy decomposes into the ground.

So, presumably, Google Maps viewers will be able to spot him until then.

Additionally, those visiting the stunning location in northern Italy have been encouraged to play on or climb over the quirky artwork.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate animal-related Google Maps find, the cameras stumbled upon a pink pig in Poland.

The farmyard friend looked just like a pig in muck as the Google Maps cameras came to call.

No ordinary cute pink piglet, this particular fun-loving mammal was in fact a man dressed up in a full head mask with beady eyes and a neon snout.

Its appearance was rather realistic, with two ears poking out from the top of his head and a leering look. The cheeky chap had chosen the perfect place to play dress up, standing in front of a variety of meat-themed cushions in his shop in Warsaw, Poland.

Initially, the scenes appeared just like those in a butchers shop, with prime cuts of best pork behind the counter and on the walls.

On closer inspection, they proved to be the homeware accessories, with the store also selling a variety of quirky products.

T-shirts and logo bags lined the walls while the floor featured an eye popping monochrome design.

Not content with his pig posing behind the counter, he then moved to the shop door.

He could be seen clutching the door as he peered the mask around the frame.


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