Google Maps Street View: Shocking murder caught on camera – but what really happened?

Google Maps Street View often sees photos go viral when they depict shocking goings-on. This was the case for one spectacle snapped in Stoke-on-Strent in Staffordshire. It has captured attention after being posted to content-sharing site Reddit.

However, something very worrying appears to have taken place.

While two of the men – believed to be builders – are upright, a third is on the ground.

He is lying by the pavement spread-eagled.

One of the builders is standing over him.


In fact, this upright chap is wielding a large and sharp gardening tool.

It looks as though the workman may have caused some horrific accident.

Could he have killed his colleague? Was the third builder involved in the crime at all?

However, on closer inspection, it would appear not all is as it seems.

What’s more, the third man is looking at the Google car as it approaches and seems to be leaning far too casually on his tool to really be a witness to a murder.

Clearly, the trio saw the Google car approaching and decided to have some fun with the situation.

The snapshot was captioned on Reddit: “Quick, the Google car is coming….”

“Even with the blur I can tell the guy on the left is laughing his ass off,” one viewer commented.


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