Google Maps: Street View satellite spots rude prank from above – what does it say?

Google Maps Street View is used by people to help navigate from their local towns to destinations all around the world. More recently, the tool has been used to spot some strange occurrences which include the tool’s satellite option. From the hilarious to the embarrassing, the huge Google lens manages to capture it all.

The capital letters mowed across the grass with an arrow under them point to a house diagonally across from the back garden.

The message mowed into the grass reads, “A HOLE”.

Is the sign pointing to the house and calling them a naughty word, or is the arrow pointing to a hole?

This debate unfolded even further on Reddit where the sight was spotted.

A user posted the image with the caption, “This guy p****d off his neighbour, who had a giant back yard and a lot of free time…”

The post was then inundated with comments as people wondered what the sign was pointing at.

One user said: “That or good friends having a laugh.”

Another said: “But what if he’s actually pointing to a hole? Perhaps a really small one?”

Another asked: “Someone please explain what I’m looking at.”

One person explained: “Guy mowed the words “a*****e” with an arrow pointing to his neighbour. One commenter assumes it is because the neighbour was p****d at the other one.

“One commenter thinks they’re just joking around and maybe just ribbing their neighbour.”

Another simply said: “A man of culture and dedication.”


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