Google Maps Street View: Mysterious creepy woman has something very wrong with her body

Google Maps Street View often photographs people as they go about their daily lives. They are sometimes unaware that they are being snapped by the tech giant’s camera lens. To make matters worse, photos uploaded to Google Maps can often be very strange indeed.

She is shown standing on the sand in a red bikini as the waves roll up the beach.

However, there’s something worrying about her appearance which looks to be rather abnormal.

The woman’s face appears to be caved inwards as she reaches a hand up to her hair.

However, the hand itself also seems to be disembodied while her arm stops above the elbow.


The distorted nature of the snap doesn’t stop there. One of her legs is also strangely thin as she looks forward.

Why does this woman look so bizarre? Has something terrible happened to her?

There is, in fact, a perfectly rational explanation for what has occurred in the picture.

The photo is most likely the result of a technological glitch with Google Maps.

Fortunately, the woman cannot be recognised in the Google Maps photo as her identity has been hidden.

Google Maps has a policy of blurring out faces on street view to help protect the privacy of interviews who have been captured on it.

She is far from the only person who has been made to look bizarre by Google’s photography

One man was shot in a way that makes it look like he only has one eye whole another was seen with his leg separated from his body.

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