Google Maps Street View: Horrifying road tragedy captured in Russia

Google Maps Street View is a great tool allowing users to explore the world from the comfort of their own home. Increasingly, however, Google’s users are noticing it has another ability.

Using its 3D cameras, the online app snaps photographs at street level and stitches them together to create a virtual world which users can click around.

While the Google car is out and about taking these pictures, it occasionally happens upon unexpected scenarios.

In Russia, the Google camera found itself pointed directly at what appears to be a very traumatic incident.

The scene unfolds on a road which seems to be in a rural part of Russia, the tarmac surrounded by vast expanses of green fields.

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The image is captioned with the statement: “Found a Russian semi crash while playing GeoGuesser.”

It looks as though the green lorry has gone into the back of the white lorry, it’s front window smashed and drivers cab completely crushed.

Meanwhile, the removable sides of the lorry have slid to the front to reveal the contents of the vehicle.

Surrounding the scene are broken fragments of both lorries’ infrastructure, as well as wooden palettes which may have been contained within the vehicles.

There does not seem to be many people around the scene, which could mean they have been rescued by emergency services.

There is also no indication as to whether anyone was hurt, though the damage to the trucks certainly is sizeable.

Sadly, this is not the first time Google’s cameras have found themselves caught up in a collision.

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In London, Google’s Satellite camera – which captured scenes from above – caught the moment a police van was toppled.

The image was spotted in a car park in Limehouse, situated in East London.

There are a few police cars surrounding the scene.

However, there in the middle is the cause of concern – a police van flipped completely on its side.

Not much more is clear from the image, however, the van does appear to be mostly intact, aside from its odd position.

One Reddit user commented on the image, which was shared in a forum dedicated to Google Maps oddities, joking: “The van just wanted to get its good side for the photoshoot.”


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