Google Maps mystery as UK house is entirely blacked out by cameras – but why?

Google Maps Street View teams headed out to detail a seemingly innocuous street in the UK – with shock consequences. The camera crew visited Princeport Road in Stockton-on-Tees and tracked an attractive row of houses, all with lush green front gardens. No-one was walking outside the properties on what appeared to be a particularly calm day. Some homes had their windows open, suggesting the weather was pretty warm.

The Google Maps cameras encountered a silver coloured car as they embarked on their photography mission.

The vehicle could be seen peeking into the left hand side of the shot.

After the images were taken and processed they were uploaded onto Google Maps, yet viewers were in for a shock.

Instead of seeing the row of homes in its entirety, one in the middle was completely blacked out.

Google bosses appeared to have used a huge grey square to muzz the property, leaving only the top of the chimney visible.

With only two of the homes out of the entire road censored, it raised the question as to why the action had been taken.

Resident Jane Allison told The Gazette she had not requested to have her property edited out.

She told the publication: ”I’ve been in this house since 2000 but I have no idea why you can’t see it.

“If you find out it would be nice to know why.

“I’ve just checked myself and didn’t know it was blurred out until today.”

Meanwhile, in a rather more visible disguise, a man was recently spotted hiding from the Google Maps cameras.

During the team’s outing in Luxembourg, one young male appeared particularly keen to remain hidden.

A trio of youngsters, who looked to be teenagers, sat perched outside their home on a wall.

The Google car started its journey down the end of the road, with the lads deep in discussion.

While two wore T-Shirts the third, who donned a black hoodie, used it to best effect.

He wore the clothing over the entirety of his face to disguise himself completely as the camera pulled in front of the wall.

It is unclear why the youth was so eager to keep his look under wraps.


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