Google Maps: Mysterious portal found in Tokyo – is it another dimension? 

GOOGLE MAPS is a digital tool which used 3D camera technology to allow users to explore the entire planet from the comfort of their own home. While some people use it to map their way to new places or find alternative routes, others have noticed it has a knack of uncovering some rather odd things. In Tokyo, one eagle-eyed user spotted something totally out-of-the-ordinary. On an unsuspecting street in the heart of Shinjuku City, a bizarre hole to a parallel universe appears to have opened up.

The street looks like any other in the city. It has markings on the road to direct pedestrian and traffic, the usual cobbled sidewalks, and even some passersby who don’t seem to have noticed anything unusual happening. 

However, this side street is not quite as it seems.

As the user makes just one step forward on the street something weird happens to the ground.

The concrete road shifts into an open hole, resembling a type of vortex, and in it is what appears to be a distorted reflection of a city not too dissimilar to Shinjuku.

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Instead, it is probably a glitch in the technology.

Google Maps works by attaching a camera to the top of a car, which drives around taking images of its surroundings and then stitching them together to create a three-dimensional, virtual world.

Every now and then, the technology glitches, often stitching the wrong photographs together to create some very odd settings.

Elsewhere in the world, a glitch in the splicing of Google Map’s images transformed one female into what appeared to be an alien.

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The beachgoer was wandering along when the camera seems to have caught her off guard as she turned around. 

Dressed in a blue bikini, her body is completely normal, but it is her face that is out of sorts.

While her mouth and chin are formed, she appears to be missing the upper half of her face, left only with a mop of blonde hair.

She is accompanied by two men who don’t seem to have noticed anything bizarre about the woman, or the unfolding situation, which is likely to mean her appearance hadn’t changed much in reality. 

This glitch is thought to have happened when the female turned towards the camera too quickly, meaning it was unable to capture an accurate picture.

While these are all technological issues, they certainly make for great opportunities to come up with some fun conspiracy theories about the world around us. 


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