Google Maps: Man spotted in unlikely position below Streetview camera

Google Maps Streetview boast an opportunity for users to gain a street-level insight into locations across the globe. Whether planning for a trip, trying to find a quicker route or simply exploring for fun, the Streetview function is a useful tool. However, occasionally Google’s cameras capture something unexpected.

Although Google often employs its own Streetview cars and workers, regular citizens can also submit their own 360-degree images to be linked with certain locations if they have the right technology.

Travellers can do this by making a “contribution” via their Google Map’s account.

However, in order to create a moveable Streetview image, users will need their own 360-degree camera, which can be quite pricey.

However, when the camera is spun the other way, the viewer is greeted with an unexpected person.

It seems a technological glitch has injected different moving segments of the same photograph into the image.

These segments are usually hidden on Streetview, so the camera person can not be spotted.

In the foreground, a black baseball cap can be seen, with the instantly recognisable Google logo printed on the front, a pair of sunglasses resting on top.

The hat is clearly placed on someone’s head, as a mass of dark hair and even an ear can be seen.

The Google logo emblazoned on the front of the cap suggests this is the Google staff member behind the camera.


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