Google Maps: Giant sea creature spotted in hotel swimming pool – how did it get there?

Google Maps is a great tool for helping travellers navigate their way around unknown areas. It’s also particularly useful for eagle-eyed viewers keen to uncover the weird and wonderful spots on Earth. One viewer discovered this mystery in a swimming pool in Maui, Hawaii. What on first inspection appears to be a normal condo complex suddenly becomes far more bizarre when you notice the swimming pool.

How could this be possible? Are the condo residents keeping the whales as pets in their shared swimming pool?

The inquisitive Maps user who discovered the scene took to Reddit to share the image and ask “what’s this?”

Uses were quick to quash any hopes of this being marine life, though its certainly an interesting idea.

Instead one commented: “It looks like art work of a whale on the bottom of the pool.”

Meanwhile, another suggested: “I think it might be a sticker or something that they fitted on the pool floor, I like it. (the big one’s photo is distorted due to the photography.)”

Google Maps uses 3D cameras which take multiple snapshots of a scene and then stitch them together to give the seamless three-dimensional appearance. It also allows users an “on the ground” look at areas.

Every now and then a snap is missed in the final creation of a map, or a camera picks up a distorted mage, which is why the larger “whale” looks like it is swimming.

Meanwhile, the nature of the camera means that the quality isn’t always the highest definition, resulting in mysterious shapes.

A similar incident happened in Martha Chapel Cemetery in Texas, where the quality of the Google Camera combined with a far off figure created the illusion of something spooky.

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Behind a tree in the graveyard appears to be the ghoulishly grey face of a little girl.

Given that this idd sighting is in a graveyard, users were quick to ponder whether the child was actually that of a ghost.

However, it’s likely this was just a regular person, the low-res quality to blame for the scary appearance.


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