Google Maps: Funny scene spotted on Street View in ocean – is it an April Fool’s prank?

Street View is a great tool for those who want to get a glimpse of the world from home. Users can take a look at everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Empire State building. During the coronavirus isolation period, more and more people are spotting unusual scenes on Street View while sat at home.

The image is also taken inside some church ruins which is even more strange.

A human-sized Ewok can be seen on the outside of the circle by the gated doorway.

The person who posted the images on Reddit was called SnakeBae and said: “Ok this is creepy.”

One commented on the post and said: “Oh my God, I just looked and it’s hilarious.”

But one eagle-eyed user managed to figure out where the church was actually located.

Goatf00t said: “All Saint’s Church in Annesley, Nottinghamshire.”

He added: “Found by: finding out the OP photo was posted by ‘Trusted Photography’, going through their other photos to try to deduce where they operate, one of their photos is of their company’s address in Long Eaton, Nottingham, Googling ‘ruins Nottingham’ and looking at the pictures.”

The user also included links to the church in his post which do show that the bizarre scene is of Annesley Old Church in Nottinghamshire.

It is unclear why the scene has popped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

There is also no explanation for why the Ewoks have appeared.

Is it an April Fool’s prank or is it someone out looking for their five minutes of fame?

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Trusted Photography are located in Nottinghamshire.


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