Google Maps: ‘Devil’s Trampling Ground’ revealed on Street View – what is it?

Google Maps ventured into what looked to be a barren field in America – yet eagle-eyed Street View users have been quick to suggest it is something more. At first glance the snap, taken by Google’s aerial cameras, looks to be a stretch of sun-scorched land in North Carolina. The area, Bear Creek, did not in fact feature any animals when the company’s tracking service came to call. It had deep ruts in the ground yet, in somewhat of a contrast, bush green trees surrounded the ground in a circle.

No-one could be spotted strolling the area, which seemed pretty remote and off the beaten track.

Yet there may be a reason for the lack of human presence, according to Reddit users.

Bloggers on the website have deemed Bear Creek as one of the “creepiest” locations on the entire website.

One explained why, and detailed: “Devil’s Trampling Ground is a site in NC.

It’s a patch of ground where no trees will grow, and objects that are left overnight in the circle will be moved outside the circle by morning.”

One user then commented underneath: “Could be gophers but looks interesting.”

Another attempted a scientific rationale, and offered: “A natural salt lick. High salt content in the soil.”

The area is said to now be used as a camping site – for those who dare to step foot in the area.

It can be found near the Harper’s Crossroads, with a variety of myths and legends about its history adding colour.

Website stated: “The original naming of the Devil’s Tramping Ground is part of a deep American folk tradition.

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“The Devil seems to have come to Chatham County with the Scotch-Irish settlers who arrived in North Carolina during the Eighteenth Century, populating the course of the Cape Fear River, the Uwharries, and the Appalachians.

“The settlers were mainly immigrants from Ulster and the counties along the border between England and Scotland, and The Devil was very much part of the culture they brought along along with them.”

Meanwhile, equally eerie Google Maps Street View sights have also come to light. reported how she had suggested a factory in Cleveland, Ohio, found on street E 120th St and Coltman Road, fit the bill perfectly.

One wrote on Reddit: ““Sadly, the factory burned down in 2015.

“If you go on Google Maps you can still see it from the satellite view, but when you zoom in to Street View the building disappears.”

True enough, on a far angle view, users can spot the black roofed building spanning a large factory space.

The action appears to be contained within one L-Shaped building and a separate square building.

A sun-scorched grassy patch lies in between the two, with cars parked up by the side of the road, before it disappears on the zoom in.


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