Google Maps: Bizarre body parts spotted tucked away on Lanzarote mountain

Google Maps is a useful tool helping travellers find their way around new destinations. It is also increasingly being used by viewers to find bizarre things across the globe. One eagle-eyed viewer spotted a very unexpected sighting when scouring the mountains of a popular holiday destination in Europe.

Just below the head is what appears to be half of an arm, holding a mobile phone, and a thumb of a second hand.

Bizarrely, two bent legs appear to be sticking out of the area where the human body and opposite arm usually would be.

The female body parts are joined by another assortment of limbs, this time with no face.

The top of auburn hair can be seen, and just a slither of a forehead before the body shockingly evolves into the elbow of an arm.

Directly beneath this is two feet, wearing bright white trainers.

Where the rest of the body parts have vanished to is a mystery.

So, what is the story here?

Is this some kind of alien being, or perhaps two humans stuck between two dimensions?

Occasionally the technology can glitch, usually the result of something moving in the landscape while the multiple images are being taken, resulting in some very bizarre outcomes.

So while these tow humans look like an assortment of odd body parts meshed together, they were likely completely normal, simply caught on camera at the wrong time.

A similar glitch occurred in Japan, causing a Street View oddity in Tokyo.

The technological error made it look like there was a portal opening up to another dimension right in the middle of the street,

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A reflected image of the surrounding scenery was cast onto the road, showing a distorted circular mirror of the metropolitan street.


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