The Channel 4 series has seen different families come and go, all the while picking up what they think about the latest offerings on the box. As viewers might expect, the stars do earn compensation for the time spent lounging around in the living room. Although, the figures could perhaps surprise some Gogglebox fans.

Back in 2016, The Sun reported that the families could expect to take home £1,500 every month to split between them.

Although, it is up to families themselves how they decided to split the cash.

In addition to that, they also receive free takeaways to tuck into while tuning in.

Each group is expected to sit down to watch 12 hours of television, split into two six-hour shifts.

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“The jungle absolutely changed my life and I am massively grateful to everybody who voted for me whilst in the jungle and for your constant support to date and everybody who tuned in to extra camp.”

Scarlett and her family have landed a new project which is set to air later this year, The British Tribe Next Door.

Viewers will see Scarlett, her parents Mark and Better, younger sister Ava and her grandmother Christine transported from County Durham to a Namibian tribal village, taking their home with them.

Scarlett said of the new venture: “This is one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.

“I feel privileged and humbled that the Himba tribe invited us to join them and we have all learnt an enormous amount.”

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Meanwhile, Alf Lawrie, Head of Factual Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “For the first time in human history, British suburbia and Himba tribal life will co-exist side-by-side.

“This series contrasts two worlds on a spectacular scale – but at its heart, is about the extraordinary relationships it creates.

“Scarlett and the Himba are the perfect foils, both hospitable, curious, friendly … and sharing wicked senses of humour.”

Gogglebox continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.



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