GMB's Susanna and Ben accused of being weak during chat with vigil protestor

Good Morning Britain’s interview with Patsy Stevenson was accused of being ‘weak’ after hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid failed to ask her about breaking lockdown.

Today was the ITV show’s first Monday since Piers Morgan’s abrupt exit over the Meghan Markle debacle last week which saw 55-year-old Piers storming off set after his row with co-star Alex Beresford.

Susanna Reid was joined by Ben, who usually joins her on Thursdays and today’s big guest was Patsy Stevenson, the woman who was arrested in South London after attending a vigil for murdered Sarah Everard.

Ben Shepherd and Susanna Reid during the interview

Patsy said she was terrified during her arrest ordeal on Clapham Common on Saturday evening as she showed solidarity, and admitted she “did not know why she was pushed to the ground so forcefully”.

The images of her ordeal shocked the nation, however, those watching were quick to ask why Ben and Susanna didn’t grill her about her travelling – considering there is a ‘Stay at Home’ coronavirus message, restricting travel.

They also wanted to know why she didn’t cooperate with the police when she was asked to leave.

Twitter was alight with comments as people pointed out she broke rules.

One said: ‘”Can’t believe you are giving her air time. This is clearly a breach of social distancing rules. The police and nhs have done an amazing job over the last year. I understand why they are protesting. To me this is all about Patsy.”

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One said: “Susanna and Ben are weak!! Probably different questions would be asked if @piersmorgan was there!”

Another added: “If Piers had been there, that interview with Patsy would have gone differently. #GMB”

Another noted: “Say what you want but I’m sure @piersmorgan would have explored all aspects of the facts and challenged her exact motives.”

One viewer didn’t hold back, adding: “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, @ITV and @GMB need to write a book on how to kill a leading television show in a week. This is painful…. it’s turned into an OAP social day out BRING BACK PIERS.”

Another said however: “#GMB feels loads better without Piers. People seem to be able to get a word in edgeways.”

With yet another saying:”Love seeing Susanna and Ben on the show today! Both of them are a breath of fresh air and it’s so hear her actually speak without someone shouting.”


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