In the days leading up to Gamescom 2019, we are all excited to see more information about the newest Ghost Recon installment.

Although Ghost Recon Breakpoint may have been overshadowed by some other titles at E3 2019, there is no doubt Ubisoft’s newest release could be one of the best games of the year. 

The German game convention Gamescom 2019 is here this week and the only mode displayed at E3 2019 was multiplayer; which has become a staple of the Ghost Recon series. With more news sure to come out in the coming days, many will be wondering what the new Ghost Recon is all about.

Do not worry, as we will cover everything from the release date, beta date, setting of the story mode and absolutely everything you need to know about the upcoming Ghost Recon title! 

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Release Date & Platforms

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to release worldwide on 4 October with the capability of being played on; PS4, Xbox One, PC and the upcoming Google Stadia.

With an ample amount of time to decide if you want to pick up Breakpoint before the release, this might be one of the big hits of the fall gaming season. 

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Beta Release Date

Showcased during E3 2019 during the Ubisoft segment was a new trailer for the upcoming Ghost Recon. The trailer detailed new antagonist “Cole Walker” giving a speech to his troops along with a special announcement by Ubisoft. 

Players will be able to get their hands on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta on 7 September and you can sign up for the beta here or by pre-ordering the game.

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Story and Setting

Similar to its predecessor Wildlands, Breakpoint’s main story mode will be set on an island titled ‘Aurora’.

From what we know from official news confirmed by Ubisoft, Breakpoint will also have players travel to unique biomes within the island of Aurora some of these biomes are; snowy peaks, abandoned urban areas, lush rainforests, and sandy, rocky hillsides. 

In what has been described as a more survival based Ghost Recon title than previous ones, you play as Nomad who has crash-landed on the island of Aurora and you are originally tasked with re-uniting with your squad. As seen in the initial trailer, it appears as there is an unknown group of enemies attempting to track you down through the woods in your aim to make it to your group. 

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The Wolves? 

In another trailer showcased by Ubisoft, we get our first official look at the mysterious group of enemies that are on your tail throughout the majority of the story. Led by the interesting character Jake Skell, it seems as the campaign will be centered around escaping the island of Aurora and figuring out who exactly this group is. 

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Gameplay Style

Similar to Wildlands, Breakpoint will allow you to play the main campaign by yourself with the help of some A.I. drones that would replace the other person if you were playing in Co-Op mode. Ubisoft also introduced an “injury feature”, which is the most real-life injury system we have seen in a Ghost Recon game. With this new system, our specific injury will have a significant effect on our movement or our potential to shoot a steady shot.

Also, being introduced in Breakpoint is the more survival-based play style during the story mode, players will be able to hide in tougher spots during the missions and they will need to put more planning into each scenario. 

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