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German parliament wants games with loot boxes rated 18+ – PC Gamer

On March 5, Germany’s federal parliament, the Bundestag, passed a reform bill that could see games containing loot boxes given an 18+ age rating. German authorities have been looking into regulations regarding “kaufenreizen”, a broad term for purchasing incentives that includes loot boxes and similar ways of encouraging players to spend additional money on games, since a 2018 study by the University of Hamburg stated that elements of gambling had become common in modern videogames.

Before the bill is passed, it will have to be ratified by the Bundesrat—a legislative body representing Germany’s states—so it’s not a sure thing yet. The reform bill would amend the Jugendschutzgesetz, the Protection of Young Persons Act, which regulates the sale of games and movies to minors, as well as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and premises that offer them. 


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