General Election 2019: From soaring taxes to Brexit chaos, experts give damning verdicts on a Jeremy Corbyn led Britain

THIS Friday the 13th could be the darkest day in British peacetime history if Jeremy Corbyn is ushered into No10.

The Sun believes a hard-left Corbyn premiership would crash the economy, leave us permanently shackled to the EU and lend succour to our enemies. But don’t just take our word for it.

 A panel of leading thinkers and experts have forensically examined Jeremy Corbyn's record on everything


A panel of leading thinkers and experts have forensically examined Jeremy Corbyn’s record on everythingCredit: PA:Empics Entertainment

Today we’ve assembled a panel of experts to forensically examine Corbyn’s record. Their verdict is utterly damning.

From further Brexit logjams and break-up of the Union, with two new referendums.

From soaring taxes and a bust economy to the stain of anti-Semitism and the threat to our national safety.

Here are the devastating ­verdicts from six experts . . .


By Robert Colville, Director of Centre for Policy Studies

THE most straightforward ­consequence of a Jeremy Corbyn ­Government is we’d all be paying more taxes. A lot more.

Labour tried to claim that only “the rich” and “the corporations” would pay. But even Corbyn has had to acknowledge that this was a lie.

 The scale of Labour's planned spending means that we'll all have to dip into our pockets


The scale of Labour’s planned spending means that we’ll all have to dip into our pocketsCredit: EPA

In fact, the sheer scale of Labour’s planned spending and borrowing mean that we’ll all have to dip into our pockets — either immediately or when the borrowing bills come due.

The economy is also likely to take a sharp downturn.

Corbyn’s plans to tax business and high earners mean many of them will leave the country — indeed, they’ve already got their escape plans ready.

Because the Government is so reliant on taxing a few wealthy individuals, Labour would have to drastically rein in its planned spending, or tax those who do stay even more.

With higher taxes — not to mention Labour seizing ten per cent of most big companies, nationalising others and giving the unions far more power — life will get much tougher for businesses. Even if they don’t up and leave, they’re likely to create far fewer jobs.


Labour’s extra spending might compensate for some of this by stimulating the economy in the ­short term.

But set against that will be the continued Brexit uncertainty as Corbyn negotiates his own deal and then either does or doesn’t back it in a second referendum.

It’s very hard to see who on earth would risk investing in Britain under those circumstances.

It would probably be a fairly miserable Christmas, too.

Exchange rates would likely fall sharply, making anything from overseas more expensive — and if you wanted to go on holiday you’d definitely need a larger wallet.

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On top of all this, there’s the lurking threat of a full-on collapse.

Either as people with money try to flee the country and Labour tries to stop them — or if the bond markets start refusing to lend John ­McDonnell the hundreds of billions he will need.

In short, we might actually end up working a four-day week under Corbyn.

But only because there weren’t enough jobs to go round.


By Liam Halligan, economist and broadcaster

JEREMY Corbyn is “neutral” on Brexit — the biggest issue the UK has faced in a generation. Yet his deliberately vague policy will leave Britain locked in EU exit paralysis.

Millions of voters won’t be neutral about that.

 If Mr Corbyn grabs power after doing a deal with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon we will face a second referendum on Scottish independence


If Mr Corbyn grabs power after doing a deal with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon we will face a second referendum on Scottish independenceCredit: Getty – Contributor

Labour claims it will “get Brexit sorted” in six months — negotiating a new deal with Brussels, to be put to another referendum.

Trying to have it both ways, Corbyn won’t tell us if Labour backs Leave or Remain.

Boris Johnson secured an “oven ready” exit deal. Corbyn reckons he can get a “much better” EU deal.

But if the Eurocrats know a new agreement would be followed by a referendum, with an option to Remain, they’d make sure it was utterly terrible for Britain.


Then, both Leave and Remain voters would reject it — keeping Britain in and maintaining the annual flow of billions of pounds to Brussels. Brexiteers would then claim with the score at one-all, we need yet another Brexit referendum — the best of three!

If Mr Corbyn grabs power after doing a deal with Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon we would face a second referendum anyway — on Scottish independence! It would be chaos.

While our economy has held up quite well, the Brexit shenanigans of the past three years are now hitting growth and investment.

More months and years in limbo land — over Brexit, and the break-up of the UK itself — would leave Britain deep in the economic doldrums.


By Colonel Richard Kemp, Former Infantry Commander

NEVER in history has a more dangerous man been a contender for leadership of any Western democracy.

Corbyn has consistently sided with those that wish us harm. When IRA terrorists bombed the Cabinet at Brighton, his response was to invite two convicted volunteers of the murderous organisation to the House of Commons.

 Diane Abbott and John McDonnell demanded the closure of MI5


Diane Abbott and John McDonnell demanded the closure of MI5Credit: AFP or licensors

And when Russian assassins were sent on a murder mission to Salisbury, Corbyn failed to condemn the Kremlin and called for further proof of state-sponsored involvement.

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He calls Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends” and appeared to take part in a ceremony honouring a terrorist involved in the Munich Olympics massacre.

He said the death of Bin Laden was a tragedy and wanted the leader of IS arrested not killed. The same with British jihadists Mohammed Emwazi and Sally-Anne Jones.

His deputies John McDonnell and Diane Abbott demanded the closure of MI5, the security agency that protects us from terrorists.


With Corbyn as PM how could our allies trust us with their most sensitive secrets?

The US and Israel, vital sources of life-saving intelligence, have reluctantly drawn up plans to restrict co-operation in the event of a Corbyn premiership.

Corbyn has made it clear he would never press the nuclear trigger nor order troops into battle.

But credible deterrence is the best way to prevent conflict. Corbyn would subvert our military deterrence and endanger British lives.


By Stephen Pollard, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle

YOU don’t need a crystal ball to see how a Corbyn government would behave towards Jews.

Just look at how it acts in opposition — and know that it will be much, much worse.

 The vast majority of British Jews fear the prospect of a Corbyn government


The vast majority of British Jews fear the prospect of a Corbyn governmentCredit: Getty – Contributor

Last week, a chilling video emerged of Health Secretary Matt Hancock being jeered by Labour supporters at an Election hustings when he mentioned how sickened he was by the party’s refusal to deal with anti-Semitism.

The people jeering are the same people who buttress Mr Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

Instead of protecting its Jewish members from Labour racists, the party has refused to act against the racists and driven out many of the most prominent Jews.

In Labour now, Jews are hounded and attacked if they refuse to denounce Israel. They are regarded as beyond the pale.


In opposition, the Corbynites’ malign influence only extends to the party. In government, it would be felt far beyond. We already know how foreign alliances would be changed.

Corbyn has praised as “friends” Hezbollah and Hamas — an organisation committed by charter to the extermination of every Jew on the planet. They will be welcomed as allies — another demonstration of Labour’s contempt for Jews.

To cap it all, we have seen in this election the so-called moderates’ embrace of Corbyn as they sniff power. Like all extremists, he will be enabled by the spineless, unprincipled careerists.

No wonder the vast majority of British Jews fear the prospect of a Corbyn government.

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The Press

By Mick Hume, press freedom campaigner

GORMLESS Corbyn has said one clear thing during this election campaign. “I ask our media,” the Labour leader declared, “as good journalists, to just report what we say.”

Here’s the news, Mr Corbyn: in a free society, it is not the job of good journalists to “just report” what politicians say.

 Corbyn's Labour are outraged by the freedom of the Press to ask awkward questions and reveal embarrassing truths


Corbyn’s Labour are outraged by the freedom of the Press to ask awkward questions and reveal embarrassing truthsCredit: PA:Press Association

It is journalists’ job to question, challenge and even, when required, ridicule what you tell us.

Corbyn’s Labour are outraged by the freedom of the Press to ask awkward questions and reveal embarrassing truths.

Labour want to drag us through an unnecessary and expensive “Leveson II” inquiry into the media — another show trial in which popular news-papers such as The Sun would be found guilty before the start.

Corbyn would also implement Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act.


This threatens newspapers with the prospect of punitive court fines and costs unless they sign up to the official regulator — Britain’s first state-backed press regulation in 325 years.

He even effectively wants to nationalise the news, with publicly-funded media outlets promoting “public interest” journalism.

That’s “public interest” as defined by the authorities, not the public.

In short, if you want to read Government-approved journalism in a state-sponsored media — vote Labour. No questions asked.


By Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK

A PATHOLOGICALLY anti-motorist political era will be marshalled in if Corbyn is elected.

Diverting scheduled road improvement funds to railways, for example, will fleece low-income drivers to pick up more of the tab for well-off suburban commuters, while cavernous potholes get even more perilous.

 The Labour leader's plans to regularly increase fuel duty will cost a White Van Man £1,000 more per year to fill up


The Labour leader’s plans to regularly increase fuel duty will cost a White Van Man £1,000 more per year to fill upCredit: AFP or licensors

Corbyn’s plans to hit drivers with regular increases in fuel duty — amounting to a punitive 16p per litre hike — will cost White Van Man £1,000 more per year to fill up.

The cost of motoring levelled on the world’s highest-taxed drivers will skyrocket to help finance Labour’s trillion-pounds retrograde jamboree. It will restrict freedom of mobility and crash our post-Brexit economy.

The cash-hustling band of Left-wing reprobates just don’t get it.

The nine-year freeze in duty has never been a cost to the economy.

It generates extra tax revenue due to higher consumer spending, reduced distribution costs, more jobs, lower inflation, faster growing GDP and increased company profits.

Without that insightful Tory tax policy change to Labour’s 2010 fuel tax myopia, the price of filling up would now be a crippling £1.80 per litre, rising at seven per cent a year.

A thriving low-tax economy for everyone, under a Boris Johnson-lead majority administration, is the only solution.

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