GDC Summer

Location: Online

Dates: 4th-6th August


GDC Summer, the replacement for the cancelled Game Developers Conference in March, will now take place online for the first time in GDC’s 30 year history.

During the online event, sessions, networking, expo activities, and more will be made available online from August 4-6.

GDC Summer will also host an Indie Showcase, reprise GDC Pitch to help facilitate those business interactions, as well as a Sponsor Showcase.

“As someone who has worked in live events for her whole career, I have a certain love of creating in-person experiences for communities of professionals” said GDC general manager Katie Stern. “Initially, I was just as disappointed as everyone else that we weren’t able to make that happen this year. Luckily, it provided an opportunity to rethink what it means for the GDC community to come together and how we can provide value to the industry even with certain restrictions in place.

“By taking GDC Summer to a digital format, we are now able to open the doors even wider to offer education, networking, and business functions for a global audience at a price point that is more accessible, and in a way that doesn’t require travel. It allows us to continue to break down barriers in the game development industry and foster both budding and seasoned professionals in their career journey.”

According to Stern, attendees can expect the same level of GDC’s cornerstone educational conference sessions, alongside new interactive formats made possible by the new all-digital event. GDC Summer will feature everything from small group roundtables, to community forums, to webinars with live speaker Q&A, hands-on workshops, AMAs and likely even a few ‘unconference’ sessions where the user can drive the content that is delivered.

GDC Summer will also host an Indie Showcase,  reprise GDC Pitch to help facilitate those business interactions, as well as a Sponsor Showcase.


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