Gaz Beadle's wife carried son up aisle at wedding as he wouldn't stop crying

Geordie Shaw star Gaz Beadle and his new wife Emma McVey have shared intimate insight into their nuptials – including how they clutched their nervous kids when saying their vows.

The Cheshire ceremony saw their three-year-old son Chester, who was due to walk down the aisle with best man Joe, become upset, forcing mummy Emma to take over.

Photographs have been shared by OK! magazine who had exclusive access to the big day – see the rest of the pictures and the emotional video here.

The couple told how Chester had been suffering from separation anxiety since lockdown, meaning he struggled to cope with being in the spotlight of their 90 guests at their wedding.

After Chester was scooped up safely in his mummy’s arms, the couple’s 18-month-old Primrose, who was a bridesmaid and being carried by her dad, before being passed to Gary – meaning they were both holding their children during the ceremony.

Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey
Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey beamed with joy at their wedding on July 9

But far from detracting from the brides’ moment in the limelight, Emma said she thought Gary would think it was ‘just normal’ for the mum-of-two to have one of their children on her arm.

Emma told OK Magazine : “The whole event was a bit overwhelming for Chester and Primrose. They’ve not been in an environment with so many adults before, especially with lockdown and everything.”

Gaz added: “We had to. Remember, because of the last 18 months, they’ve only ever known our house and their nurseries, so it’s not normal for them.”

The big day also offered insight into their gentle parenting approach as they told how they wouldn’t leave their kids to cry.

Gaz Beadle's later carried son up the aisle at their wedding because he wouldn't strop crying
Gaz Beadle’s later carried son up the aisle at their wedding because he wouldn’t strop crying

She added: “If they want us for comfort, we’ll be there no matter what. Even if we are in the middle of getting married!”

Emma added: “It broke my heart. He [Chester] has a lot of separation anxiety and every time there was some cheering he’d get frightened and cry. It was really hard.”

The cute couple have been together for five years and became engaged in 2019.

Gaz shared adorable shots of his son Chester on his wedding day
Gaz shared adorable shots of his son Chester on his wedding day

Emma enjoyed a fun-filled hen night in Manchester last month, wearing a sailor’s hat adorned with the word ‘bride’ in jewels.

The bride-to-be was also carrying an inflatable penis as she enjoyed a fun-filled night on the town.

Gaz previously told followers on Instagram that they could be tying the knot in July when restrictions were lifted.


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