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RE: Last weekend’s Hot Topic. Easy one for me, being that Shenmue is one of my favourite games of all time. Although I do have some trepidation it’s going to be absolutely woeful and judging by the footage so far that could be true, but I’m still really looking forward to it, perhaps just as a form of closure.

It’s a dream few months coming up for me though. Final Fantasy VII is another of my all-time faves, it and Shenmue are one and two on my list, so I’m genuinely excited that’s coming soon. I adored MediEvil the first time round, so it’ll be a real blast playing through that again and the gameplay released so far looks great.

And finally, there’s Borderlands 3 next month, the first game I’ve pre-ordered in years. Without a doubt it’s the game I’ve put most time into this gen and last, I’ve had all six characters (on Borderlands 2) maxed on three consoles now, so to say I’m looking forward to 3 is an understatement.

It might not have been a great gaming year for everyone, but I think I’ll look back on it in a decade or so as one of the best of my life. Spyro Reignited, MediEvil remake, Borderlands 3, Shenmue III, Crash Team Racing, Final Fantasy VII REmake coming soon, Resident Evil 2 remake, Shenmue remastered at last. All games in my all-time top 10, and I’ve been playing games since the C16+, so to have so many of my favourites all come in some form within 12 months is a dream come true.

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If a Skies Of Arcadia or Jet Set Radio game had come out this year it’d have been total nirvana for me. As it is I’ve had more joy this year replaying games I love either as they were but a lot prettier or completely remade, than I have for many a year. I won’t know what to do next year when I’ve played them all, as absolutely nothing big coming out interests me.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks decent enough but not really my thing, and that weird urinating baby game looks absolutely awful so I’m hoping for some surprises in 2019. If not, I’ll clear up my backlog and wait 15 years for Shenmue IV I guess.
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